Deep Dive: An AllMusicBooks Podcast

Episode 61: ”MORPHINE: Journey of Dreams” with Mark Shuman

August 31, 2021

"Journey of Dreams" is the story of the iconic genre-busting 1990s 'Low Rock' band Morphine. Director Mark Shuman joins us to talk about the trio's unique and mesmeric sound. that continues to resonate with its fans and music lovers worldwide following the death of its singer, songwriter and two-string bassist Mark Sandman onstage at an Italian music festival in 1999. 

Morphine's story is told by its surviving members and the coterie around them, sans narration, and made palpable through saxophonist Dana Colley's tour journals. Rare live performances from throughout the group's career are woven into the tale, along with interviews with Joe Strummer, Steve Berlin, Henry Rollins and The Blasters hornman Steve Berlin.

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