Deep Dive: An AllMusicBooks Podcast

Episode 57: Introducing AllMusicMovies. Let’s Talk Music Films and Documentaries!

July 6, 2021

On May 5, 2019, we published our very first podcast, speaking with authors about their books on music in various genres. And now, we are 58 episodes and two years in, and we’re still at it. Thanks to all of you who follow us, comment, makes suggestions and tune in. And in fact, we’re still growing. Or about to anyway…

One thing we’ve noticed is the incredible increase in music documentaries and films. There are so many classics and, these days, there seems to a new music movie every week. . So….what to do when you’re super busy, and still growing? Cast a bigger, wider net, of course. Veteran documentary filmmaker Peter Spirer joins us to talk about this phenomenon, and reggae historian Roger Steffens gives a taste of what's coming to AllMusicMovies. Have a listen and find out more!

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